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During the 5K Fun Run, each girl is accompanied by an adult Running Buddy. This gives each girl one-on-one encouragement and support as she takes on a great challenge.

We recruit volunteer Running Buddies who love running with the girls, but many girls like to ask a family member to be their Running Buddy. Being a Running Buddy is a fun way to share the growth and excitement your girl has experienced this season. A Running Buddy could be a relative, family friend, or teacher who is approved by the participants’ parent and is prepared to run/walk 3 miles. Almost all of our girls alternate walking and running during practice and the 5K Fun Run. In many cases, the opportunity to be a Running Buddy has encouraged families to get out and run together

Not every girl will have a family member who can participate. That’s why we have a crew of kind and friendly volunteer Running Buddies. Help your girl to understand that running with one of our volunteers will be a demonstration of her self-confidence. All our volunteer Running Buddies are required to have a Criminal Background Check. Background Checks are NOT required for family members.


Family Running Buddies must register for the event and sign a release form. Running Buddies must be adults over the age of 18. Older brothers, sisters and cousins are welcome, but must take on the adult role and must have a parent sign their registration form.
Click here for Running Buddy Form


The girls train for 10 weeks to prepare for the 5K. If a girl asks you to be her Running Buddy, please take her request seriously and spend some time training for the event. If you find you are not be able to run/walk at her pace, perhaps you can help her find another family member or family friend who can keep up with her. If not, you can assure her that you will support her by cheering and that it would not be fair to her to hold her back.


  1. Wear comfortable running shoes.
  2. Schedule training for 30 minutes 3 days a week for several weeks.
  3. Alternate walking and jogging for 14 minutes. Head back and try to reach the starting point in 16 minutes. Gradually increase jogging and decrease walking, and you will increase the distance you can go in 30 minutes.

For more training tips see the  Girls on the Run Grown Up Guide which is distributed to all families at the Family Reception.

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